New Classes Starting Soon!

We’re pleased to announce a few new classes starting up in the coming months.

From Tuesday 17th November, 6-7pm, there will be a Meditation and Chi Kung (energy work) class, followed the following week with the commencement of a daytime Tai Chi class on Monday 23rd from 1-2pm.

Both of these classes will be at a great new alternative healthcare centre, called… The Alternative Healthcare, which is opening in Haywards Heath on 11th November. (See Timetable for the exact location).


Both classes are suitable for beginners and experienced students alike (whether from this style or another one). The Meditation and Chi Kung class will focus primarily on exercises which will calm the mind through mindful meditation and energise and gently stretch out the body with Chi Kung. (Chi Kung – also written as Qigong – literally means ‘energy work’, it is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and practiced by millions worldwide for its amazing health benefits).

In Tai Chi, as with the other classes taught, the focus will be predominantly on the first Tai Chi form taught at WCA, which is called, ‘Frost and Sun White Crane Gentle Art. It is a continuous form of 66 postures flowing gently and gracefully one into the other. The benefits of Tai Chi are immense and of ever increasing value in today’s hectic modern world.

Call Mark on 07834 375776 or email for more details.

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