Learn Tai Chi Online

We are delighted to announce that White Crane Online is now live!

Subscribe as a Bronze level member to the site and you can learn gigong and meditation, as well as follow stretching and mobility routines for free.

High quality Tai Chi tutorials have for far too long been unavailable on the web but now with White Crane Online, as Silver and Gold members, you can subscribe and be guided through the stunning 66 move White Crane tai chi form, ‘Frost and Sun White Crane Gentle Art’.

Each move is looked at in detail and broken down with clear instructional videos, close ups, multiple angles and you are guided through typical errors and common difficulties.

To support you through your training, there are forums on the website where we hope to develop an active community of people training together and helping with the process of learning tai chi. Mark and Hamish will be active on the forums offering tips and advice.

We have a very limited number of Gold level subscriptions available (only 10 remaining!) where as well as receiving all the access open to Bronze and Silver, you can log on to an Elite level forum with regularly updated tutorials, as well as receive a Skype one to one lesson with Mark twice per month.

Check out the site, we’d love to hear from you about what you think – either on the forums, in the White Crane Online Facebook group or by email.



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