Tai Chi – Haywards Heath and Lindfield


In these classes you will initially learn the 66-move White Crane tai chi form, known as Shuang Yang Bai He Rou Ruan Quan (Frost and Sun White Crane Gentle Art), ‘Shuang Yang’ for short. 

Once this form has been completed and practiced for a while, when you are ready you will learn the Yang 24 sequence, followed by Chen 18. Both forms are introductory level and, combined with Shuang Yang, will give you a very good grounding in the principles of tai chi. 

Beyond the basic level, you will have the opportunity to learn further Chen tai chi forms: Lao Jia Er Yi Lu (Chen 74), Lao Jia Er Lu (Chen 42), and the Chen 56 competition form. 

The benefits of tai chi – whichever style you learn with us – are tremendous (with regular practice!). Where White Crane differs from Chen stylistically is that it is more more linear and direct, with smaller movements. Chen is very circular with a focus on the pelvis as the seat of power. For those who are interested, we also teach the martial applications.

During the classes we also teach qigong, meditation, push hands, and gentle stretching routines.