Welcome to your first lesson with White Crane Academy!
Due to Covid 19, there is currently no sparring or close contact training.

We will be adhering to social distancing rules in all our classes.

Your initial question may well be, “Where do I start!?”

There are quite a few different classes on offer, so to help you here is a brief overview of what we offer on our regular timetable, as well as what to expect from each class.

We pride ourselves on being a very welcoming and friendly club – everyone was a total beginner once, so we ensure that you are made to feel at ease so that you can enjoy the lesson and get the most out of your time training with us. Many life-long friendships have developed through the White Crane Academy community.

If you are coming along to your first lesson, you do not need to worry about bringing any equipment, or wearing any special clothing. Just something loose that you can freely move around in. We do not allow outdoors shoes or trainers in the training area, so barefoot or socks is fine to train in initially (we will make exceptions for any podiatric issues or conditions though).

It’s worthwhile bringing a drink along and please let the instructor know of any health issues or injuries that you may have, if you haven’t done already by email or phone.

Tai Chi

Tai chi classes are relaxed, gentle, and suitable for adults and teenagers. We spend time in each class warming up with qigong exercises, which focus on slow, deep breathing and moving lightly to stretch and loosen up the joints.

After this we will spend time learning and refining tai chi forms, if you have not tried tai chi before, don’t worry, Mark or one of his assistants will be on hand to guide you all through the lesson.

At WCA we teach two main styles of tai chi: the White Crane internal style (Frost and Sun White Crane Gentle Art), and Chen (starting with the 18 move sequence).

After the class, you fill feel relaxed, clam, balanced, more limber and (hopefully) inspired to learn more tai chi!

Kung Fu

Kung fu classes are for all age groups. They focus on self defence, learning a wide range of White Crane techniques through individual routines (forms) and partnered exercises. There is also a considerable amount of time spent on strengthening and flexibility exercises.

For children up to about the age of 11, the most suitable classes are the Saturday kung fu classes. The Wednesday evening class is for adults and teenagers.


While keeping a focus on fitness, the kickboxing classes also concentrate on learning techniques and combinations. We use pad mitts, kick shields for skills, and a range of equipment or body weight exercises to help with strength, conditioning and flexibility. As with all of the classes, good technique is stressed – rather than mindlessly hitting pads just for fitness.

The Monday kickboxing classes are for adults and teenagers. Under 8’s are recommended to start with kung fu which is on Saturday mornings.


Our fitness classes are for teenagers and adults, whatever your current level of fitness you can be sure that you will receive a good workout, learn new skills and ways of staying in great condition, and have fun at the same time!

Weapons, workshops, and courses

In addition to these regular classes, we offer monthly classes in traditional Chinese weapons, as well as a wide range of workshops throughout the year.


WCA hold gradings several times a year in kung fu and kickboxing. Please see here for more information on gradings or go straight to WCA Download Central to access the grading syllabus for kung fu and kickboxing.


For class prices and more, please go to our shop.

Should you have more questions, please contact an instructor in your area: Instructors.