Thursdays. 09.15 – 10.15am
King Edward Hall, Lindfield

Are you looking for some inspiration, motivation, and a fitness class that’s a little bit different?

Would you like a class that makes you fitter, stronger and more flexible, helps with balance, movement and coordination – as well as teaching you new skills in a safe environment?

If you are… this will be right up your street!

This weekly drop-in fitness class will challenge and inspire you if you are looking for some new ideas to help you keep fit and healthy.

It is also suitable for those who have not done any exercise for a long time, as everyone trains at their own level, whilst week on week improving all aspects of their health and fitness.

You won’t be crammed into a studio with no attention from the person teaching the class, wondering if you’re getting it right. We believe that all aspects of fitness and strength are skills that need to be learnt and practiced correctly, with good technique, and teach in such a way – as well as making it fun and varied!

Learn new bodyweight exercises, how to train with kettlebells and clubbells, safely use strength training equipment, stretching and mobility routines, as well as boxing and kickboxing techniques using pads, mitts, kick shields… and much more!

If any of the above sounds a little daunting, don’t worry… all new students are made to feel very welcome, and everyone learns and trains at their own pace – as gentle or as intense as you need, and if necessary taking into consideration health conditions and injuries.

We believe that fitness, with a kickboxing flavour, is a tremendous way to get (and stay) fit and healthy. Come along and find out for yourself!

For more information, contact Mark on or call 07834 375776.