Welcome to WCA for Kids!

We offer kung fu and kickboxing classes for children and families at the weekends.

On a Saturday and Sunday mornings we have several families training together. Mark trained for many years with his daughter whilst she was growing up, he has always felt that it helped form a strong relationship between them. It sets a good example and an insight into the importance of exercise, training, and a healthy lifestyle for young people as they are developing. As well as teaching them valuable self defence skills.

Despite the weekend classes being ‘family classes’, you don’t have to train with your relatives! There are plenty of students – both adults and children – who come alone. It is great to see that many long term friendships have developed from the classes.

The Saturday kickboxing class is for 8 year olds and over, the kung fu classes – on both Saturdays and Sundays – welcome children from 5 years old and upwards. See the Timetable for times and locations.

On a Saturday, if both the kung fu and kickboxing class are attended, there is a discount for the second class. See the prices page for more details.

Parents are welcome to watch the classes but we ask you to remain at the back of the room and not enter the training space, for safety reasons.

Benefits and Differences Between Styles Taught

Both the kickboxing and kung fu classes are tremendous ways for children to learn new skills – on both a mental and physical level, they are also great fun and action packed!

It is important to strike a balance between discipline and enjoyment of the arts.

In kickboxing there is more of an emphasis on hitting pads and kick shields to learn and practice the techniques and combinations (Chinese kickboxing also includes throws and groundwork – but this is optional).

The kung fu classes offer a wider range of techniques and concentrate more on open hand routines, which are often learnt through forms (known as kata in other styles), practiced individually or with a partner.

There is a slight different emphasis between kung fu and kickboxing (the former being self defence, the latter a sport), this is reflected in the style and feel of the class. Both stress the importance of learning good technique, improving overall fitness, flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, speed and power, as well as mental focus, building confidence and a positive mindset.


We believe in testing a student’s skills and development from time to time, so that we can monitor progress.

There is the chance for all students to grade up to twice a year in kung fu, progress through the system and work up towards a junior black belt, before starting the adult syllabus.

Children’s Grading Structure

The kickboxing gradings are once per year and it is possible to achieve a black belt over time. For grading costs, please check the prices page.

Additional Classes, Workshops and Annual Competition

After training for a while, depending on individual progress, children are allowed to start weapons training in the monthly weapons class, beginning with staffs and/or swords.

There are also regular workshops which are suitable for younger martial artists! Please check the Workshops page for more details of upcoming events. We also hold an annual competition, which is great fun – and has lots of categories and opportunities to win medals and certificates! We combine this with a summer party and BBQ, making it a big event for families and the whole White Crane Academy community.

Before Your First Class

In preparation for your child’s first lesson, it’s helpful if you are able to let the instructor know of any health related conditions they may have. Initially you do not need to purchase any uniform (we ask all students to be in full uniform in time for their first grading) and training is barefoot. Outdoor shoes are not allowed but we do sell kung fu/kickboxing training shoes.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to White Crane Academy!

For more information, please contact Mark or by clicking HERE.