Saturday, 13 November from 2 - 4pm
King Edward Hall, Lindfield
Mark Stevenson

This workshop is for anyone who would like to work on their open hand forms – either tai chi or kung fu.
Open hand simply means non weapons.
The workshop will give you two hours two hours to dedicate to Shuang Yang (66-move White Crane tai chi form), Chen 18 tai chi form, and any kung fu forms that you know, as well as qigong forms – all with instructors there to help out and give amendments and corrections.
Forms are one of the keys to unlocking the essence of the style which you are training in, and are fundamental to the practice of traditional martial arts, such as tai chi and kung fu.
If you want a deep understanding of your style, to be able to move efficiently and effectively, to integrate your body, mind, and breathing, to really improve coordination, balance, fitness, flexibility – and to fully reap the rewards of you training, you need dedicated time like this to work on your forms.
The workshop will be a free practice, rather than an instructor led session. It is up to you what you want to work on.
The cost of the workshop is £20, with 10 places available.