This workshop aims to demystify self defence and teach you practical steps that you would be able to take in the event that you find yourself in a position where you need to protect yourself or a loved one.

Initially you will learn how to try to avoid physical confrontation, only then, when all else fails, are martial techniques to be used.

You will not learn how to disarm attackers with knives and guns, once a confrontation becomes physical. We stress avoidance of those confrontations at all costs. We will teach you about tactics on de-fusing situations, as well as positioning techniques and how to distract attention of attackers, so that you are able to escape.

One problem with many self defence courses, is that they leave the participants with a false sense of security and confidence, often leaving them in more danger of being harmed than before
they took the course!

What you will learn are tried and tested techniques that if practised and refined, will give you the best chance of a favourable outcome to any self defence scenario.

Who is the workshop for?

Anyone who would like an awareness of basic self defence tactics and techniques (basics are best!)

How to project confidence.

How to defuse confrontational situations

All ages – children and adults are welcome

You do not need to have previous martial arts experience.

Booking details

Saturday, 24 September 2 – 3.30pm St Richards, Haywards Heath Mark Stevenson

If you require more information, please contact Mark on 07834 375776 or

The cost of the workshop is £20

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT – if you book and pay before September 1st, the cost is £15

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