Building on the success of last year’s self defence workshop, we return this Feb to explore the issue of multiple opponents.

Unfortunately many self defence situations arise where there is more than one attacker, making a terrible situation even more perilous.

Whilst I would never want anyone leaving these workshops with a false sense of security, there are some things to do which can make the situation a little better for you, and we will explore some of these in the workshop.

We will also have time to learn some basic techniques which (with practice!) can be effective in a self defence scenario.

Please be aware, you will not leave this workshop as a master of self defence, that takes many years to get even close to (and with so many potential scenarios it’s open for debate as to whether it is even possible).

What I hope you will leave with is an increased knowledge of how to conduct yourself more confidently in such a situation, become less of a victim, learn to read the situation more clearly to allow yourself to escape, and practice a handful of basic techniques that may be of use should the worst happen.

The cost of the workshop is £20 but if you book before the end of Jan, you can save £5.

Booking details

Saturday, 25 February 2 – 3.30pm King Edwards Hall, Lindfield Mark Stevenson

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