Saturday, 4th May, 1.30 – 3.30pm
The Dolphin Leisure Centre, Haywards Heath
Sal Jefferies and Mark Stevenson

How do the forces of tension and relaxation apply to the mind and the body?
How can you use them to your advantage and find the right balance?
Do you get stressed and overwhelmed?
Do you have a tendency to worry excessively?
Do you find yourself thinking in circles and not getting an answer?

The workshop begins with movement and bodywork to release understand how to use the right amount tension and relaxation physically and then in the second part, we work with these principles and how they affect us mentally and emotionally; we will be de-construct some of the key elements of stress, overwhelm, worry and mental tension and consider why we have these experiences and what we might be able to do to resolve them.

We often notice tension in the body such as an ache or tightness, and yet not realise that a similar thing happens in the mind. Stress is both mental and physical experience.
Worrying and overthinking creates tension in both body and mind.

Stress itself is not a problem. It is our response to stress and what we do about it and if we are able to use it, understand it and release it that can be liberating.

You will learn techniques to both release stress and better understand your response to it and learn to apply the principles of tension / relaxation to mind and body.

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