Saturday 16th at 1.30pm – 4.00pm
The Dolphin Leisure Centre, Haywards Heath
Sal Jefferies and Mark Stevenson

A workshop based on creating healthy habits and sustainable personal change. It will include learning self massage techniques to relieve stress and tension, guide you through qigong and meditation routines to keep you healthy in mind and body, as well as teaching you tried and trusted techniques to help you make your 2019 goals inspired and achievable.

We don’t believe in resolutions which are over as quickly as they appear, we believe in lasting and positive change.

Old tensions, resistance, habits, aches, pains and unhelpful modes of thinking are going to be replaced with new ideas, strategies, healthy habits and a clear idea of where you are heading with your health and wellbeing this year.

January is traditionally a time for bootcamps, intense fitness, feeling the burn, shedding lbs and sweating out the mince pies and prosecco.

But is it sustainable and what you really want?

The Eastern arts have a different approach and contemporary psychology considers that goals need to be developed and structured for lasting change.

‘Fusion: out with the old, in with the new’ aims to help you live in harmony with the winter season, as well as create habits and set intentions for the year ahead – giving you the best chance possible of making it a healthy one for your mind and your body.

Working with the body

Chinese medicine believes that winter is the most Yin time of year – a time to retreat, be quiet, peaceful, looking inward, conserving your energy and being kind to yourself. (Especially the kidneys, which ironically, are put under a lot of stress when it comes to the January fitness blitz).

In Ayurveda, winter is the most Kapha season, it advises you to stay warm, drink warming drinks, be good to your body, reduce stress, sleep well, practice meditation, have massages, avoid overeating and exercise daily. It is also a time for regrouping and getting ready for the new year much like a tree grows it’s buds in winter ready to burst open in spring.

You will learn a Qigong / Meditation form which is designed to increase the chi (energy) in your dantien (the energy centre of the body) – which in terms of Chinese medicine will keep you healthy and vital. In Western terms, it is a great 20 minute exercise routine to help with posture, structural alignment of the body – and has the added benefits of being a tremendous mindfulness exercise.

Ayurveda recommends an increased amount of massage during this winter – but this runs the risk of getting pretty pricey! We will teach you easy-to-learn self-massage routines based on Japanese shiatsu techniques. They are easy to learn and can be used on yourself or friends and family members. No equipment is needed and it can all be done through clothing.
Additionally, we’ll provide you with knowledge of a few acupressure points which are worth massaging regularly to keep you healthy in winter.

Continuing the theme of looking after yourself, both of us are huge fans of massage balls! Trigger point massage balls used correctly are one of the most – if not THE most – important tool in your wellbeing toolbox. We can’t recommend them highly enough. You will learn routines one how these can be used properly to leave you feeling like a new person!

Working with the mind

Following the bodywork section you will be ready for releasing old patterns in the mind and taking your attention to area of making plans and setting goals for the year ahead.

In line with the Fusion approach, Sal is highly skilled into bringing psychology, human behaviour and Eastern methods together to help people create significant change in their life. In this workshop, we will take an ecological approach (how one thing affects another) to goal setting using psychology and ‘Kaizen’, allowing you to create goals and changes that are focussed, inspired and achievable. Kaizen is Japanese for taking small steps every day and avoids short term attitudes that often fade out.

You’re invited to bring any goal or aspiration to the workshop whether that’s health and fitness specifically or maybe a change in mindset or lifestyle where you will learn the vital steps towards lasting change, how to structure your aims, stay motivated with laser-like focus. This part of the workshop will be seated and involve writing so bring something warm and a pen and pad plus we will open up to questions and guidance from Sal.

The workshop will finish with a guided visualisation/meditation – based around the goals and intentions that you have set.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to start 2019 a little bit differently, live in harmony with the seasons and learn how to take care of yourself mentally and physically this winter.

The cost of the workshop is £25 for the first 5 places and afterwards increases to £30.

Please email for booking and payment details.

Early booking recommended to secure your place.


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