Introduction to Tai Chi

Saturday, March 2nd, 1 – 3pm
Unitarian Church, Horsham
Hamish McDermid

Have you heard of Tai Chi and its benefits and want to know more? Are you looking for a way to get fitter in mind and body but aren’t sure what to try? Perhaps you want to get back into martial arts but feel you need a gentler way back in? Or maybe you’re just feeling your age but determined to keep active and healthy?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then this workshop is for you!

It’s the perfect way to gain an understanding of this ancient but still highly relevant form of exercise. This 2 hour workshop will offer a practical introduction to tai chi and give you an opportunity to learn about the benefits you can expect from regular practice. You will be shown and practice some of the moves from the rare White Crane tai chi form as well as some simple, effective techniques to improve your breathing, balance and strength. Those attending will also have one month’s free access to the exceptional online instructional videos of the moves you’ll learn during the workshop.

The course is suitable for all ages and abilities. All moves can be adapted to suit your needs and no prior experience is necessary, just the willingness to have a go at something new.

The price for the workshop is £25 and is for a maximum of 8 people, so early booking is recommended.

For booking or more information about the workshop please contact Hamish McDermid.

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