Mark Tibble

I began practicing martial arts in my early twenties. I trained in western kickboxing for several years in which I competed in semi contact and full contact bouts.
I changed styles slightly and then learned some Muay Thai (Thai boxing). I then had a break in training whilst having young children.

I returned to martial arts training over 3 years ago and began training in Kung Fu with the White Crane Academy. I found the Crane-Tiger style very interesting and, compared to what I was used to, it brought new challenges in learning the White Crane forms. The style also has a strong self-defence emphasis which provided a contrast to the more sports based combat martial arts that I was used to.

Learning Kung Fu has really increased my flexibility and core strength, as well as generally improving my fitness. I am only really beginning my journey along the Crane-Tiger path and there are years of training ahead of me. I am now complementing my Kung Fu training with some Tai Chi and Qigong.

I graded to become an assistant instructor in Spring 2016 after the Chief instructor and club founder Mark Stevenson invited me to consider becoming one. I now help train our younger martial artists. I am also there in adult classes, if required by the instructor, to assist the beginning adults in their forms and/or techniques. I hope to train to become a full instructor in due course.