Cameron McDermid

I started training with White Crane Academy during school holidays when I was 14. After I moved to Sussex at 17 years old I started training twice a week with Mark Stevenson, founder of White Crane Academy and our Chief Instructor and Hamish McDermid, Horsham Kung Fu and Tai chi instructor (my dad).

Very quickly I became immersed in White Crane Kung Fu, enjoying all aspects of the lessons be it forms practice, technique focus or sparring, to name a few. I was playing rugby at this time and started noticing an increase in my mobility, speed and decision-making abilities from my martial arts training.

Shortly after this time I started training White Crane Tai Chi in Hamish’s class in Horsham and began to realise the depth in the martial arts that the club offers.

After a few years of training, I decided to make White Crane my full focus and stopped playing
rugby. With more time I could delve deeper into both Kung Fu and Tai Chi and soon found my desire to become an assistant instructor for Kung Fu, which I have now achieved.

White Crane Academy can offer you such a variety of training that I believe anyone can benefit from training within the club. White Crane Kung Fu has given me movement and flexibility, strength and speed, control and quick thinking; all developed through the variations of training that we do each week.

White Crane Tai Chi, now that I am exploring this martial art with much interest, has improved
my balance dramatically and made a significant difference to my day to day life with its meditative nature, not to mention it has supplemented my Kung Fu perfectly improving both my forms and my sparring.

I highly recommend coming along to any of our classes and trying White Crane for yourself. We have a very friendly, social vibe within the club, which all our new students quickly recognise and appreciate.

Whatever you are searching for; fitness, strength, wellbeing, skill develop, learning etc. it
can be found with our club.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and start you journey into White Crane Academy
martial arts. I look forward to meeting you soon.