Mark Tibble

Balcombe Kickboxing Instructor & Haywards Heath Assistant Kung Fu Instructor

Tel: 07840424267


Mark Tibble – Kickboxing Instructor and Kung Fu Assistant Instructor, Balcombe classes.

I began practicing martial arts in my early twenties. I trained in western kickboxing for several years in which discipline I competed at amateur level in semi contact and full contact bouts. I was lucky enough to be trained by a professional world champion in kick boxing as well as various other professional fighters. I changed styles slightly and learned Muay Thai (Thai boxing) under another professional fighter. I then had a break of a few years whilst having young children as I found I just could not keep up with the training.

I returned to martial arts training in 2014 began training in Kung Fu and Chinese kick boxing with Mark Stevenson founder and chief instructor at the White Crane Academy.  I am an assistant instructor in the White Crane Tiger style kung fu that we teach and I am a kickboxing instructor. I teach a repertoire of techniques that I have learnt from my martial arts background but the focus (and grading structure) is on Chinese kick boxing (Sanda sometimes known as Sanshou). Chinese kick boxing is similiar to Muay Thai and western kickboxing so it incorporates the strikes and kicks that you would expect but in addition it includes leg catches, takedowns, throws and grappling. Traditionally it does not include ground fighting but we incorporate it in our grading syllabus for those who want to learn it.

I aim to be a Kung Fu instructor in time. I enjoy learning the White Crane Tiger style that Mark Stevenson teaches. The style also has a strong self-defence emphasis which provides a contrast to the more sport combat martial arts that I teach. Learning Kung Fu has really increased my flexibility and core strength, as well as generally improving my fitness.

We are a very welcoming and friendly club and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with us!