At WCA we offer a clear route towards assistant or full instructorship, for those who are interested, and subsequently selected.

Assistant instructors are expected to work with their instructors by helping teach students in class, welcoming new students, teaching an occasional class whilst an instructor is absent or on holiday, helping with WCA events, gradings and also helping with some administrative tasks occasionally (such as taking names and payment at the start of class).

There are two routes to full instructorship. One is to open your own White Crane Academy franchise, the second is to work under an already established instructor and teach classes for them.

With your own franchise, you pay a monthly fee to be a part of White Crane Academy. As an instructor working under a franchise owner, you receive an hourly rate for teaching classes. You would be expected (and receive incentives) to help develop the classes that you teach – and club in general – but the financial responsibility is the owner’s.

You grade separately to be an instructor in tai chi, kung fu, and kickboxing. The time that it takes to get to a level where you can grade to be an assistant or full instructor varies from individual to individual.

For your continuing development and improvement, trainees, assistants and full instructors are expected to attend all instructor training sessions, as well as regular meetings and coaching sessions.

For more information – or to express and interest in becoming an assistant or instructor – in the first instance, please speak to your instructor.

Cost of assistant instructor gradings: £75
Cost of full instructor gradings: £150

*Gradings also contain a written exam.