Introduction to White Crane Training

Who is this programme for?

We understand how daunting starting a new class can be for some people – this package is for those who are considering training with White Crane Academy in one our or classes and feel like getting a head start before joining.

Get a grounding in Tai Chi, Kung Fu or Kickboxing – or a combination – depending on what your preferences are.

You can choose to do either one or two sessions per week for a period of 4 weeks. The sessions are an hour long and will give you a fantastic introduction into your chosen area of training.


  • Understand fundamental principles of each style we teach at WCA
  • Great for an overview of the different styles on offer
  • Fantastic package for those who need a little confidence before joining a class
  • Assess whether this type of training is for you
  • A fantastic gift for someone
  • Will give you an insight into new ways to stay fit and healthy

Prices and Locations

This programme is for 4 weeks in total.

For one session per week the package prices are as follows:
Training at your home – £160 £128
Training at a local venue – £200 £160

For two sessions per week:
Training at your home – £280 £224
Training at a local venue – £320 £256


For more information or to book a package, please email Mark on 07834 375776 or