Saturday, 7th March, 2 – 4pm
King Edward Hall, Lindfield
Mark Stevenson

Whilst the vast majority of people nowadays train in and study Tai Chi for relaxation, increased flexibility, improved balance, etc – at its core, Tai Chi is a martial art.

Each move you make as you flow through a Tai Chi form has many martial applications – strikes, blocks, holds, locks, trips, throws…

This workshop will explore the often hidden – or just not known – element of Tai Chi: how it works as a martial art.

Now, don’t worry and think that this is just for a select few students who will spend two hours inflicting pain and damage on each other!

This is a workshop for all students to delve a little deeper into their studies of Tai Chi, understand what the moves more, gain insights into the essence of each move – and have some fun at the same time!

The cost of the workshop is £20.

Advanced payment secures your place.

If for whatever reason, you have to cancel, refunds are only given if the place can be re-sold.

Please contact Mark – – to book your spot.

Early booking is recommended as these events usually sell out.

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