Saturday, 6th October, 2 – 4pm
King Edward Hall, Lindfield
Mark Stevenson

Meihua Quan translates as Plum Blossom Boxing or Plum Blossom Fist.

The plum blossom is known as one of the ‘four gentlemen’ of flowers in Chinese art and culture (alongside the orchid, chrysanthemum, and bamboo). It is famous for flowering in winter and it is this ability to flower in tough conditions where we find an analogy to martial arts training.

Dating back thousands of years and said to be the ancestor to all martial arts, Meihua Quan is built on a foundation of basic stances, and the 5 main stances each correspond to the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The workshop will begin with learning the stances before going on to study the opening moves of the first Meihua Quan form. Other workshops will be scheduled to continue learning the form.

Meihua Quan is suitable for both Tai Chi and Kung Fu students. As with all WCA classes and workshops, students work within their own physical abilities.

You will find that learning Plum Blossom Boxing stances and forms carry over very well to other styles learnt at WCA and will improve Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and even Kickboxing skills.

This is a unique chance to learn an ancient martial arts form, which was taught to Mark on his visit to China last winter.

The price of the workshop is £20 per person if booked before 6th September, or £25 thereafter. (Or £15/£20 for children)

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