Fusion: are Mark Stevenson of White Crane Academy, and Sal Jefferies, yoga teacher and mindset coach.

Their first workshop “Fusion: mindful strength and movement” will combine Mark’s world of martial arts, personal training and shiatsu with Sal’s extensive knowledge and experience in yoga and psychology.

The workshop is designed to empower you with tools and techniques to make you stronger, fitter, more flexible and mobile – helping you improve in all areas of your life, not only your training.

Become stronger, move more efficiently:

– Learn how effective movement patterns can increase your strength
– (Re)learn breath techniques to improve training and your everyday life
– Bringing mindfulness into your training – it’s not just for seated meditations
– Learn how psychology can help improve strength
– Techniques to guard against injury and help recovery
– Spot areas and movements which may be holding back your progress
– Combine principles from qigong and yoga with modern psychology
– Many people focus on flexibility, learn the importance of mobility
– How to safely use kettlebells
– Integrate bodyweight training into your routine

Who the workshop is for:

Yogis, Crossfitters, martial arts practitioners, gym lovers, runners, triathletes, footballers, rugby players, racket sports aficionados, fitness fans, personal trainers and coaches, PE teachers, Pilates enthusiasts, dancers…. etc… basically anyone who needs to move efficiently and be strong in the right ways to help you improve your sports/pastimes/hobbies and, perhaps most importantly, your life!

We will expect you to have a degree of core strength and reasonable fitness, so this is not a workshop for those who are new to exercise and training.*

It’s a workshop to teach principles of exercise and training, to educate and inform, help you understand your training from a different perspective, coherently bringing techniques from several different disciplines together.

*In future we will be offering another version of this workshop- Fusion: movement and mindset -which will be more of a beginners level event.

Cost, Time & Location:

The workshop will take place at The Dolphin Leisure Centre in Haywards Heath on Saturday 6th October from 12.30 – 3pm.

Spaces are limited to 15 people maximum and we are offering an early bird discount for the first 5 people to register of just £25 for the workshop. After this, the price is £30 per entry, payable in advance, to secure your space.

For payment details or more information, please email: