The White Crane Academy official syllabus consists of 20 forms, covering Kung Fu and Tai Chi forms, including weapons.

Over the past few years we have taught several forms which you could consider to be ‘non-syllabus’ forms.

These include:

Praying Mantis
Drunken Kung Fu
Two Person Conditioning Form
Meihua Quan (Plum Blossom Boxing)

This workshop is your opportunity to work extensively on these forms, gaining corrections and insights – and reminders – if there is anything that you have forgotten or are a little rusty on.

If there is one in the above list that you have not started to learn previously but would like to, then this is your chance!

Booking details

If you require more information, please contact Mark on 07834 375776 or

The cost of the workshop is £25

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT – if you book and pay one month before workshop, the cost is £20.

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