Saturday, March 9th, 2 – 4.30pm
The Koorana Centre, Ardingly
Mark Stevenson

We return to the lovely atmosphere of the Koorana Centre in Ardingly for our second qigong workshop there.

This time we shall be teaching the first part of the ‘Shibashi 2’ qigong form, as well as another meditation/qigong form called ‘Turning The Moon’

Turning The Moon

This is a standing meditation and qigong form where you will learn how to build up the levels of qi within your dan tien (energy centre) – in time and with practice, creating good health and vibrancy throughout your whole being.

On a physical level, the form will build structural strength within your body, create stronger legs, increase endurance, and improve posture.

Mentally it will leave you feeling relaxed and focussed.

Shibashi 2

In our previous Koorana qigong workshop we taught Shibashi 1. Although this workshop will build on what was learnt in the previous workshop, you do not need to have attended, or to even know the first Shibashi.

Shibashi means 18 Moves or 18 Moves Sequence… each flowing, graceful move flows from one to another after being repeated several times.

It is great for building up mobility, fluidity, a subtle strength, and flexibility throughout the whole body. You will definitely feel calm, grounded, and relaxed after the workshop.

We will teach the second part of the Shibashi 2 form at a workshop later in the year. Between these two workshops, you will have access to online video tutorials of what you have learnt, through the White Crane Online website.

Both of these qigong forms can be performed standing or from a chair.

For more details on booking or for more information, please email

There are only 15 places available. The first 5 bookings are £20, and it’s £25 thereafter. Early booking is recommended to secure your place.

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