Qigong (pronounced ‘chi gung’) is steadily making its way into the public’s consciousness…. and for good reason!

For centuries a guarded secret of the Chinese, over the years it has spread, as the amazing benefits become more widely known. 

On a physical level, Qigong will help improve joint mobility, flexibility and strength throughout the whole body. The simple movements help move the joints through their entire range of motion, which is particularly good for those who are often sedentary or have joint issues. Qigong also includes standing and seated meditations.

Qigong will increase the energy levels in the body, or to use the Eastern term, the Qi (or Chi – the same as Prana in Yoga). It is an intrinsic element of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been prescribed for in China for thousands of years to improve general health and wellbeing as well as for aiding specific conditions. Thankfully, Western medicine is now catching up and we are seeing Qigong appear in hospitals and health centres in the UK.

Specific conditions that Qigong can help with include (but are not limited to): Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes…

However, Qigong is not just for those with health issues to resolve. Why not be proactive and keep yourself mobile and flexible and in good health. Far too often I see clients or students in their 40’s or 30’s (or sometimes even younger) who have an activity or hobby (football, climbing for example) which they can no longer practice because injuries and strain on their bodies will not allow it anymore…… with an activity such as Qigong, alongside your main hobby, you can keep doing it for many years longer than you would otherwise be able to!

Why let the ageing process dictate what you are or are not able to do!?

Qigong is an important part of our Tai Chi classes and Qigong workshops take place regularly.

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