Revision – Meihua/Weapons

Our workshops so far in 2020 (as well as the last half of 2019) have been very focussed on Plum Blossom (Meihua Quan) and Weapons – including the two person staff form, fan, cane, straight sword, as well as spear.

In this workshop, at King Edward Hall, Lindfield on Saturday 4th July 2-4pm, you will have the opportunity to revise everything that you have been training hard and learning over the past few workshops.

Shortly after this workshop we’ll be having a slight break in the extra weekend events for the height of summer – so it’s a great opportunity to get some extra practice in and work on lots of corrections and refinements to your forms and techniques – ready to forge ahead in autumn (particularly with the weapons grading in mind!)

The cost of the workshop is £20 and there are 20 places available.

Pre-booking online is required.

Go to our Eventbrite page to reserve your place.

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