Tai Chi Beginners’ Course – Horsham


Join us for a 5 week course for beginners where you will learn the basics of White Crane Tai Chi.

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What will you learn?

You will learn the first 4 moves of the White Crane Tai Chi form (the “Frost and Sun White Crane Gentle Art”). These 4 moves are the fundamental building blocks of the whole form and, in themselves, can be performed as a 16 move ‘short’ form. Alongside learning this sequence will be gentle stretching and breathing exercises to get you warmed up and to help learn how to relax and move more effectively. This will be achieved by following an 18 move qigong form, Shibashi, that we will go through together each lesson as well.

Why White Crane Tai Chi?

The benefits of tai chi have long been understood in China and have grown in popularity throughout the world as the practice receives more and more attention. Focussing on gentle, flowing sequences of moves you will feel relaxed and calm whilst increasing strength and mobility. The goal of regular tai chi practice is to build a healthy body and mind from the inside out. In addition to these benefits is the simple pleasure of learning something new and the deeper contentment that comes from establishing a regular routine of practice and improvement.

Our method of teaching is inclusive, practical and encouraging. Our classes are relaxed and enjoyable. The club itself is well established with experienced instructors and close links to a school in China.

We look forward to welcoming you on this course.


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