Saturday 23rd February
St Richard’s Church Hall, Haywards Heath


The staff (‘Gun’ in Mandarin) is referred to as the ‘Grandfather of weapons’.

As well as being great fun to train with, the staff is a tremendous way to increase your skills, strength, flexibility, stamina and coordination. It will help you deepen your knowledge of the martial arts that we teach at White Crane Academy.

This workshop is equally suitable for those who train already in kung fu, tai chi, or kickboxing classes.

For those who attended the previous staff masterclass, you will continue to learn the two person form. For those new to the staff, or the form, it’s a perfect time to start and you will learn the opening moves of the form.

If you do not have a staff already, let your instructor know and we will order one for you or bring spares. The height of the staff should be at your own eyebrow level and typical staffs are made of wax wood or oak.

The cost of the workshop is £20 and it is limited to 10 people.

Advanced payment secures your place.

If for whatever reason, you have to cancel, refunds are only given if the place can be re-sold.

Please contact Mark – – to book your spot.

Early booking is recommended as this event will sell out.


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