Day 20 – Strength Within

China 2019 - Day 20, Tuesday, 6th AugustThe temperature has soared back up but I do love the training here in a humid 37C, which is said to feel more like 42C today according to my phone app! One thing I like about martial arts is that you train for imperfection, and when situations are … Continue reading Day 20 – Strength Within

Day 18 – The Tao of Brexit

China 2019 - Day 18, Sunday, 4th AugustLast night I awoke to a banging and scratching at my door. I've seen enough horror films to know that I should only tentatively open my door - but there was Hotpot, who let herself in and slept on my floor for the night! Think I have got … Continue reading Day 18 – The Tao of Brexit

Day 17.5 – A Quick Mandarin Lesson

China 2019 - Day 17.5, Saturday, 3rd AugustThere is sometimes a little bit of confusion as to what the difference between tai chi, tai chi chuan, taiji, and taijiquan is. They are all the Romanisation of the Hanzi script - just a different standard. The Wade-Giles system was developed in the mid 19th century by … Continue reading Day 17.5 – A Quick Mandarin Lesson

Day 16 – Who are you competing against?

China 2019 - Day 16, Friday, 2nd August As I have mentioned in previous blogs, pushing hands has been a very big feature of the training here. All the way from very gentle movements to feel your opponent's energy and momentum, to tai chi wrestling where you are trying to push or pull your opponent … Continue reading Day 16 – Who are you competing against?

Day 14 – A New Day…Every Day

China 2019 - Day 14, Wednesday, 31st July As Yin transformed to Yang this morning, I was witness to a stunning sunrise over Guanxi, from the top of Xianggong Mountain (Husband Mountain!). Myself, three others from the tai chi school, and a throng of Chinese tourists with cameras bigger than my car and more complex … Continue reading Day 14 – A New Day…Every Day