“I first got involved with White Crane Academy when I did beginners Tai Chi classes locally. Mark was therefore my first port of call when I turned my focus to getting fit after years of not exercising and a sluggish lockdown 1.

We started weight training once a week in my back garden and Mark would bring the equipment with him. Enjoying it so much and feeling heathier not only in my body but my mind too, I increased my sessions to 3 a week.

I now go to Marks studio and garden which is well equipped and my training is going from strength to strength. Mark took great care to ensure I developed a good technique and progress was made safely. I would recommend Mark to anyone who wants to get fit but finds they don’t have the will power to do it on their own at home. The various pieces of equipment that Mark provides ensures that no 2 sessions are the same, a good variation of exercises means that an overall body workout is always achieved.”


“My kids have been training in Kung Fu with white crane academy for a number of years. As well as learning a martial art their strength, fitness and flexibility has really improved. This has in turn helped them with their confidence and has helped them when playing other sports such as football. I thoroughly recommend martial arts training for kids especially with the white crane academy.” Satisfied parent – Kung Fu and Kickboxing

Satisfied parent

“I enjoyed being able to burn off my energy and have fun whilst doing it. I like the environment with lots of friendly ppl and I like the lessons and the exercise itself” Harry, age 11 – Kung Fu and Kickboxing


“I have been learning the White Crane Tai Chi form with Mark for just over a year. During that time my health has improved in a number of ways, which has been a very pleasant surprise. I try to attend three classes a week and really enjoy the Qigong as well as the Tai Chi.

Before starting the classes I had problems with my left knee, it just did not move properly and there was constant pain – all better now! My sense of balance has improved so much and I’ve also lost two inches off my waist!

The most wonderful thing is that the tinnitus which I have had for about twenty years has calmed down so much that I am hardly aware of it.

All the benefits have made me so much stronger mentally and physically. I look forward to improving my under standing of this art of Tai Chi.”
Dilys, Haywards Heath – Tai Chi


“On the advice of my doctor because of balance problems I joined Mark’s Tai Chi classes. I was quite nervous at first not knowing what to expect but I can honestly say I have not looked back. Mark is an excellent teacher. My balance has improved and I look forward to each lesson. I would recommend his classes.”
Carol, Haywards Heath – Tai Chi


“Eighteen months ago I had my first ‘back to fitness’ session with Mark and appreciate everything he has done for me. I have a long term degenerative problem which affects my balance, concentration and thought process all of which has improved greatly since starting Tai Chi, Quigong and a general fitness programme with Mark. The classes are relaxed and very friendly. I definitely would recommend giving them a try.” Norma – Haywards Heath – Tai Chi