5 – 11 year olds

Wednesdays, 4-5pm, February 27th to April 3rd
Uckfield Yoga Studio, 81 High Street, Uckfield
Mark Stevenson

We will be teaching a range of martial arts related disciplines in this fun, entertaining, and rewarding 6 week course for children of a primary school age.

It’s suitable for new students, as well as those who might already train with White Crane Academy.

Children will learn Kung Fu basics: stances, punches, blocks, kicks, and some self defence applications. As well as some Chinese fencing (sword fighting) techniques. The classes are also really good for a child’s fitness.

We will also teach the children some of the more gentle elements of the martial arts and include a little meditation and qigong (breathing exercises) into the course – and educate them on the importance.

Additionally, they will learn some basic Mandarin phrases and counting, and a little bit about Chinese and martial arts history

At the end of the course certificates will be presented and there will also be a mini-grading, where students new to WCA can achieve their first sash.

The cost of the 6 week course is £50.


There are 12 children per class, to make sure that your child receives plenty of time with the instructor.

To secure a place, payment in advance is required. Please email whitecraneacademy@gmail.com for more booking details.

“I enjoyed being able to burn off my energy and have fun whilst doing it. I like the environment with lots of friendly ppl and I like the lessons and the exercise itself” (written by Harry, age 11)

“My kids have been training in Kung Fu with white crane academy for a number of years. As well as learning a martial art their strength, fitness and flexibility has really improved. This has in turn helped them with their confidence and has helped them when playing other sports such as football. I thoroughly recommend martial arts training for kids especially with the white crane academy.” (Satisfied parent)

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