Who is this programme for?

– Feeling as though you’re carrying a bit of extra weight you’d like to lose?

– Need some motivation to get yourself started?

– Have an event that you would like to get in shape for?

– Looking to improve your overall health?

Weight loss isn’t an exact science and there are 127 hours per week – only so many of which you can physically train for.

This package is part of an overall lifestyle change that you may need to make in order to lose the required weight. There is no one sized fits all approach.

This programme takes care of the exercise component of a holistic weight loss approach and we can discuss lifestyle choices, such as diet, sleep, stress levels – and how we can, quite literally, tip the scales in your favour.

Benefits of the programme

The programme is flexible and can run for 1 month, 6 weeks or 2 months.

We begin with an honest assessment of where you are – and importantly, where you want to get to.

You will learn new skills and exercises to help live and all-round healthier lifestyle.

Increased confidence – feel good about yourself.

Learn how exercise can be integrated into your existing lifestyle, even if you don’t think you have time to train – you do!

Feel mentally – as well as physically – stronger and more resilient.

Break through any potential barriers when it comes to exercise and training.

Information and costs

The sessions with Mark take place in the comfort of your own home and we meet twice per week. We can arrange for them to be elsewhere and some people like training outside in a park. Alternatively, a hall in Haywards Heath can be hired, usually St Richard’s Church hall, which has good facilities and is conveniently located.

Costs vary:

4 weeks – 2 sessions per week – £320 £256 (home/park) – £400 £320 (in hall)

6 weeks – 2 sessions per week – £420 £336 (home/park) – £540 £432 (in hall)

8 weeks – 2 sessions per week – £512 £409 (home/park) – £672 £537 (in hall)


To book your Weight Loss Package, please email mark@whitecraneacademy.com or call 07834 375776