The Instructor’s Path

Once per month, trainees/assistants/instructors meet up in Haywards Heath for in-depth training and a meeting. This usually takes place on a Saturday afternoon. Continuous development during classes and, if required, in person/via email between the monthly instructor sessions is also a part of the training.

It is expected that you attend at least 80% of the monthly instructor training sessions and meetings.

It is expected that all kung fu and kickboxing instructors and assistants attend all gradings, regardless of whether they are grading or not.

To discuss your suitability and express an interest, the first step is to speak to your instructor. The period of training to achieve the position of assistant or instructor varies from person to person, depending on the art and what the individual needs to personally work on. There is also no set starting point to begin your training, different people are ready at different times of their martial arts journey.

Kung Fu and/or Kickboxing Assistant Instructor

Assistant instructors in Kung Fu and Kickboxing are expected to work with their instructors by helping teach students in class, welcoming new students, teaching an occasional class whilst an instructor is absent or on holiday, helping with WCA events, gradings, demonstrations, and also helping with some administrative tasks occasionally (such as taking names and payment at the start of class).

After a period of training, a grading* is required to achieve the position of assistant instructor.

Assistant Instructor Kung Fu Grading: £75
Assistant Instructor Kickboxing Grading: £75
Combined Assistant Instructor Grading for KF and KB: £100
*Assistant instructor gradings also include a written exam

Tai Chi Apprenticeship

A Tai Chi Apprentice is someone who wishes to deepen their studies by helping out with classes and the running of the club, and possibly to eventually teach their own classes (although this is optional). There is no position of ‘assistant instructor’ for Tai Chi but an apprentice will work alongside their instructor and/or Mark, and over a period of years, when they are ready to teach their own classes, or run their own club, they will be invited to grade as a full instructor.

As a part of their continuing professional development and to keep standards of a high level, a Tai Chi Apprentice will be expected to grade on all of the Tai Chi forms (and parts of forms) that they have learnt on a yearly basis. This will be a private grading and take place in summer.

Tai Chi CPD grading: £50

Full Instructorship

There are two routes to full instructorship. One is to open your own White Crane Academy franchise, the second is to work under an already established instructor and teach classes for them.

With your own WCA franchise, you pay a monthly fee to be a part of the organisation. As an instructor working under a franchise owner, you receive an hourly rate for teaching classes. You would be expected (and in return receive incentives) to help develop the classes that you teach – and club in general – but the financial responsibility is the owner’s.

You grade separately to be an instructor in tai chi, kung fu, and kickboxing. The time that it takes to get to a level where you can grade to be an assistant or full instructor varies from individual to individual.

Tai Chi CPD grading (for Tai Chi instructors): £50
Full instructor Grading Kung Fu: £150
Full instructor Grading Kickboxing: £150
*Instructor gradings also contain a written exam.

The instructor team celebrating Mark Stevenson’s 11 years of teaching and the pending Chinese Lunar New Year (Jan 2019)