Tai Chi Instructor Training

Being a tai chi instructor is an incredibly rewarding, enjoyable, and worthwhile career path. On a daily basis you get to do something you love, whilst spending time with people you like, dedicating yourself to making people healthier and educating them in the art of tai chi and related topics.

Through training to be an instructor with WCA, you have the option of starting your own franchise and being your own boss. For those already in full time work it is also a flexible way to start your own business, which you can keep alongside an existing career or make into your sole source of income.

As you would expect, being a tai chi instructor with WCA requires continuous hard work and dedication to your craft. It is not easy, and nor should it be! However, you will be supported and guided along the way.

If you are interested in being an instructor, you should firstly speak to Mark and depending on your level, you will be provided with instructions on how to take the next steps.

WCA requires high standards, so to provide you with some idea of the path to instructorship please read below for the minimum prerequisites.


Tai Chi and Qigong Knowledge

Have learnt and continue to improve the following tai chi forms:
Shuang Yang, Yang 24, Chen 18, Chen 74

As well as the following qigong forms:
Shibashi One, Eight Pieces of Brocade

Be well versed in the following:
Standing meditation, one handed silk reeling


General Experience and Requirements

You must already be and continue to:

  • Train 2x per week minimum in class with Mark.
  • Attend at least 50% of workshops.
  • Assist regularly in classes to receive feedback on teaching methodology.
  • Join the China trips (when China opens up again)
  • Before teaching a tai chi form, instructors are expected to grade on each form.
  • Upon becoming an instructor, open a WCA franchise in a location where there are no other WCA classes.
  • When grading to be a tai chi instructor, you must provide a business and marketing plan for your new franchise (guidance will be provided). Franchise fees will be applicable.
  • Display a basic knowledge of anatomy, traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese philosophy.