Weapons training is an integral part of traditional martial arts training and one which we wholeheartedly embrace at White Crane Academy.

We host monthly weapons classes in Haywards Heath, which are very popular amongst all of our students – from both the Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes.

In these sessions – held on Saturday afternoons – those who wish to follow a softer, more gentle path, start by learning the Tai Chi Cane form, and then follow on with the fan and eventually the double fan. Below is a video of the the opening sequence of the White Crane Tai Chi Fan form (or Bai Her Shanzi).

Kung Fu students in these weapons classes will start with the Shaolin Staff – learning basic moves for a start before progressing onto single and two person staff forms, other long weapons such as the trident or spear, as well as various swords including the broadsword and dadao (big knife).

Once Tai Chi students have advanced to a high enough level, they can progress onto the amazing Chinese Straight Sword form… here’s a short clip from the form:

The weapons classes are suitable for both adults and children who regularly attend Tai Chi, Kung Fu or Kickboxing classes. They can really take your training to the next level – greatly increasing your martial arts abilities, skills, coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and focus.

The traditional martial arts are steeped in tradition – learning weapons immerses you in the culture and history of the martial arts – and best of all, they are lots of fun to learn in the company of some great people.