Weapons training is an integral part of the tradition of Chinese martial arts. At WCA we offer a lot of weapons to train with, with something for everyone, from small and light weapons to large and heavy!

Kung fu students have a whole weapons syllabus to grade on and work through, starting with the kung fu staff and including the spear, trident, short weapons such as the butterfly knives, heavy swords such as the dadao.

In White Crane tai chi the weapons learnt are fan, double fan, and straight sword. Chen tai chi students have the opportunity to learn the fan, broadword, straight sword, and Spring and Autumn broadsword (also known as the Guandao).

Weapons training adds a whole new dimension to your training, improves your open hand (non weapons) forms, builds strength, power, flexibility, balance, coordination, depending your understanding of the martial arts and ultimately yourself.

We offer regular monthly weapons workshops, as well as two 30 minute weapons classes each week. Please note that to do weapons training you must be regularly attending tai chi, kung fu, or kickboxing classes with WCA.

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