New Children’s Class…

After the next half term break, we are very pleased to be starting a new children’s class for 5 – 11 year olds at The Alternative Healthcare.

The class will be on Monday afternoons from 4.30 – 5.30pm.

Contact Mark on 07834 375776 or for more details.

Places in the class will be limited!

Online Training Plans

Can’t make it to as many classes as you’d like to? 

Need some motivation to train and practice at home?

Want to get into great shape in 2017?


It’s not always easy to fit in training into a busy schedule and quite often days just slip by and you realise that since your last class that you haven’t actually found the time to fit anything in!

With an online personal training plan, you’ll be given that extra motivation to even fit in 10 minutes a few times per week – which could really make all the difference to your fitness levels.

You don’t need to train LOTS, you just need to train RIGHT!

With an online personal training plan, all the hassle of deciding what to do and how to put it all together is taken away from you, just check in with your instructor weekly to review the previous week for an updated plan which you can take away to use the following week.

We will set weekly, monthly and yearly goals – by holding yourself accountable to someone else, you’re much more likely to achieve your 2017 resolutions!

You can email anytime if you have any questions or need slight moderations if your situation has changed that week!

£10 per week 

Or save 25% with a £30 per month direct debit

Contact Mark on 07834 375776 or for more details

IMPORTANT: Timetable Changes…

As most of you know, there are some timetable changes over the next few days and weeks as halls are unavailable or being renovated. Please see below for details of revised timetable:

Saturday 3rd December – Lindfield Village Hall (opposite the pond) instead of St Richard’s Church Hall
Tai Chi 0930 – 1030
Kung Fu 1030 – 1130

Tuesday 6th December – Conservative Hall instead of East Preston Village Hall
Kids Kung Fu 1615 – 1715

Wednesday 7th December – St Richard’s Church Hall instead of Lindfield Village Hall
Tai Chi 1230 – 1330

Thursday 8th December – East Preston Conservative Hall instead of Tuesday’s classes
Tai Chi 0900 – 1000

Testimonial from Tai Chi student Dilys

I have been learning the White Crane Tai Chi form with Mark for just over a year. During that time my health has improved in a number of ways, which has been a very pleasant surprise. I try to attend three classes a week and really enjoy the Qigong as well as the Tai Chi.

Before starting the classes I had problems with my left knee, it just did not move properly and there was constant pain – all better now! My sense of balance has improved so much and I’ve also lost two inches off my waist!

The most wonderful thing is that the tinnitus which I have had for about twenty years has calmed down so much that I am hardly aware of it.

All the benefits have made me so much stronger mentally and physically. I look forward to improving my under standing of this art of Tai Chi.

Dilys, Haywards Heath

Kung Fu for Home Schooled Children

We are delighted to be starting a weekly class for home schooled children, in partnership with The Alternative Healthcare

These action-packed martial arts classes are scheduled specifically for children who are home schooled.


The classes take place during standard term times and are payable in advance for each half term at a rate of £7 per class. They are on every Friday from 2-3pm.

Parents are welcome to relax in the cafe downstairs and meet with other home schooling families!

Kung Fu is a great way to stay fit and healthy, with the added benefit of learning an effective martial art and self-defence techniques.

The classes are diverse and improve all aspects of a child’s health – both mentally and physically – being particularly good for concentration, increased confidence, strength and flexibility, both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, balance – they are also a great way to meet other like-minded friends and enjoy a healthy activity together.

Kids Kung Fu

There is the chance to work towards gradings and competitions throughout the year (however, these are not compulsory).

For more information please contact Mark on 07834 385886 or book your place online HERE