White Crane Kung Fu is a traditional system of self defence originating from the Fujian province in Southern China. It is said to have been created by a teenage girl called Fang Chi Liang, approximately 400 years ago.

The legend (or one version of it at least) tells of a white crane trying to steal Fang Chi Liang’s washing as she was hanging it out. Her attempts to shoo the crane away were met with evasive footwork as it manoeuvred and counter-struck in such an effective way that it inspired her to monitor the movements of the bird.

Already an adept of Shaolin kung fu, she merged her existing knowledge with the ‘lessons’ from the white crane – resulting in a style which is based on skills and technique, rather than brute force and strength. White Crane Kung Fu is designed to be effective against larger and stronger opponents and based upon the core principles of a solid stance, a flexible body and fast hand techniques.

In these classes you will learn a wide range of kung fu techniques and combinations, as well as forms or patterns (known as kata in the Japanese martial arts). The forms are the basis of the WCA grading syllabus and are the bedrock of traditional Chinese martial arts.

As well as being great for self defence, the kung fu classes are a tremendous way to improve confidence, focus, health and fitness, becoming stronger and more flexible in the process. In China (and other parts of Asia) the white crane is a symbol of good health and longevity. We strive to honour these traditions and help you achieve optimal fitness and remain in good health.

The weekday evening classes are suitable for teens and adults, Saturday morning classes are for all ages, and during school terms there are weekday classes for children.

If you would like further information on the classes, then please do not hesitate to contact Mark on 07834 375776 or mark.stevenson@whitecraneacademy.com