If you think of your overall fitness in terms of 5 crucial components:

  • Skills
  • Speed
  • Stamina
  • Suppleness
  • Strength

Kickboxing has it all!

Regardless of whether you come to kickboxing with a desire to improve one, or more, or all of these areas – our kickboxing classes will be suitable for you.

We spend a lot of time learning and refining techniques in a variety of different ways during the hour long class – each class is very varied!

You also have the option of joining in with the weekly sparring sessions on a Monday or Friday evening, where in a controlled environment you can put your skills to the test with other students.

The kickboxing classes focus on teaching a wide range of both Chinese and Western kickboxing techniques and combinations, as well as being a great workout.

These fast-paced classes are also great fun! Students of any level or ability are welcome. It’s not about where you are now in terms of skills and fitness – it’s all about how you improve as an individual on a week-by-week basis. With training and practice you will develop a high level of fitness, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

As a club, we’re a friendly, welcoming group of people, so despite often feeling quite nervous about your first lesson, you’ll be made to feel part of the club from the offset, and helped along the way.
Times and Locations

We have several classes throughout the week and at weekends – for all ages:

Monday evenings from 8-9pm in Bolnore Village at The Woodside, for adults and teens – with Mark Stevenson

On Friday evenings we have a very kickboxing focussed evening!

From 6-7pm there is a class for children of a primary school age in Balcombe at Bramble Hall.

This is followed by a 7-8pm class for adults and older children. The Balcombe club is run by Mark Tibble.

Over in Uckfield, with Mark S, we have new class* from 7.15-8.15pm at the Uckfield Yoga Studio on Friday evenings, which is for teens and adults.

Then on Saturdays in Haywards Heath, there is a class for the whole family! All age groups are welcome to train together from 12-1pm at St Richard’s Church Hall. This class is with Mark S and one or two assistant instructors helping out.

*starts 11th October

See our full timetable for mid-Sussex here.
Please check our locations page for the exact location of each class.

Kickboxing Gradings

We have an (optional) grading syllabus for students who strive towards achieving a kickboxing black belt, as well as a structure in place for those who would one day like to be an instructor themselves… You can take your kickboxing training as far as you wish!

To access the lock Kickboxing Syllabus please contact Mark Stevenson for password.

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