5 Fridays, 11am - 12pm
(Friday 5th November – Friday 3rd December)

St Richards, Haywards Heath

50.00, 60.00

Early bird discount!
Course price is £50 when booking before 31st October. Afterwards price will be the standard course price of £60.

Why Chen Tai Chi?

Chen is the style of tai chi from which all others originate.

It is gentle, flowing and circular, will leave you feeling relaxed and calm whilst increasing strength and flexibility throughout your whole body.

Improve your balance, coordination, de-stress, focus… the benefits of tai chi are many!

Deep breathing and mindful movements make it the perfect form of meditation in motion.

What Will You Learn?

The opening 5 moves of the Chen 18 Form, which are the same (more or less) for all Chen forms which you may go on to learn.

Should you decide you don’t want to take your training further, they make up a short sequence by themselves which can be practiced anytime, almost anywhere.

You will also learn a variety of effective warm up and loosening exercises, stretches and qigong exercises. (Learn more about qigong).