“A single tree does not make a forest, a single string cannot make music”
Chinese Proverb.

Learn tai chi, qigong and meditation online with our sister site, White Crane Online.

Learn Danish with GoodRabbit.co – an online self study course. This is Karina Borglum’s language learning online project. She’s a WCA trainee assistant instructor, as well as our web design guru!

If you are interested in finding out more about where our videos are filmed for White Crane Online, visit The Koorana Centre’s website. They offer a range of classes, therapies and workshops in Ardingly, Sussex.

Peacehaven Martial Arts teach White Crane Kung Fu and Tai Chi down by the coast in East Sussex, so if you are in the area and would like to train, we highly recommend them. Mark and Jodie trained together for several years in the UK as well as in China. Find out more about them.