White Crane Classes

In the White Crane tai chi classes you will learn the 66-move form called Shuang Yang Bai He Rou Ruan Quan, or Frost and Sun White Crane Soft and Gentle Art.

This is a rare internal art, differing in its origins from many other forms of tai chi as it is from the Buddhist Shaolin tradition, rather than being of Taoist lineage.

The White Crane principles are to keep a rooted stance, flexible waist, and soft upper body. As you move through the postures you gently stretch and strengthen the body, increasing the elasticity of the tendons and ligaments, help to keep the joints healthy, improving your balance and coordination, deepening your breathing, moving in a meditative and mindful way, all the time improving the levels and flow of chi throughout the body, which helps to keep illness and injury at bay.

The benefits of tai chi – whatever style you learn with us – are tremendous (with regular practice!). Where White Crane differs from Chen stylistically is that it is generally a little bit more direct, with smaller movements. For those who are interested, we also teach the martial applications.

During the classes we also teach qigong, meditation, push hands, gentle stretching routines. Weapons forms are also part of the syllabus for White Crane tai chi, and you have the opportunity to learn the cane, straight sword, fan, and twin fan forms. 

You can also learn White Crane tai chi online with us if you would like to – either alongside your class training, or exclusively online. Check our online learning portal, www.whitecraneonline.com

The Haywards Heath classes are listed below. Wednesdays and Saturdays are at St Richard’s Church Hall on Sydney Road. Thursday morning’s class is at King Edward Hall in Lindfield.