We have two kung fu gradings each year – one in the summer and one in the winter, as well as one kickboxing grading a year, usually held in the spring. All gradings typically take place on a Saturday afternoon in Haywards Heath.

There are no tai chi gradings and although in kung fu and kickboxing they are not compulsory, we do recommend that you challenge yourself and progress through the grading structure.

Your instructor will let you know whether you are ready to grade before each event but if you are training regularly and also practising at home, you should be able to grade regularly.

The adult kung fu syllabus contains 20 forms and at each grading you will perform your latest form, as well as all of the previous forms you have graded on.

The children’s kung fu gradings progress from basic techniques and footwork, through to demonstrating ground work, weapons (sword and staff), pad work and eventually forms, before starting the adult syllabus.

In kickboxing, you are expected to demonstrate techniques and combinations of Chinese kickboxing techniques, as well as showing a good level of fitness at each level.

At all gradings you will need to be in full uniform and payment is in advance of the day.

Please click here for the children’s kung fu grading structure and here for adult’s kung fu grading structure (on the way).

The kickboxing syllabus you find here.

For more details about pricing at the different levels, check our Prices page.

For more information please speak to your instructor.