WCA Rules and Guide Book

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WCA Rules and Guide Book

The term ‘White Crane Academy’ or ‘WCA’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of White Crane Health & Martial Arts Academy Ltd and its team of instructors and assistant instructors.

The term ‘you’ refers to the student and/or any person who attends any class, course, workshop, or any other White Crane Academy services and products.



Drop in classes may be paid for in advance or on the day. Please refer to online shop for current prices.

When purchasing a multi class pass (4 class intro pass, 5 class pass, 10 class pass, and 20 class pass) payment must be done upon receipt of said pass.

Monthly and annual payments must be done by bank transfer before the end of previous payment period (30 and 365 days respectively).

WCA maintain the right to refuse training of non-payments.


Your place on workshop is secured when paid.

All workshops must be paid in cash, by card payment, cheque, or by bank transfer to your instructor no later than one week (7 days including weekends and bank holidays) before the workshop.


Your place on course is secured when paid.

Course must be paid in cash, by card payment, cheque, or by bank transfer one week (7 days including weekends and bank holidays) before course start.

Courses often offer an early bird discount (details on each courses page) and must be paid before or on the early bird cut-off date to secure the discount price and your place on the course.

Personal Training

All personal training payments must be done in advance of the session in cash, by card payment, cheque, or bank transfer.

Monies paid are not refundable.


Gradings must be paid in cash, by card payment, cheque, or by bank transfer to your instructor no later than one week (7 days including weekends and bank holidays) before the grading.

Non-payment students will not be grading even if their name has been put down.

Social Activities (SA)

Social WCA activities such as the Summer and Christmas Party are to be paid for in full no later than one week prior to the day of the SA.
Cancellation Policy
There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for all classes. For workshops and courses, please see the individual event.

Refund of payments for courses and workshops is possible only if the place can be taken by someone else.
Health and Safety
All instructors, assistants, and senior students are first aid certified.

It is assumed that anyone attending class does so of their own free will and are aware that some discomfort may arise as a result of good training, such as aching muscles. This is to be expected and should only last a couple of days. If discomfort continues or increases or seems unfamiliar to you, contact a doctor immediately.

Anyone attending class should advise their instructor or instructor assistant of any injuries or conditions that may impact their ability to train at full level, so their training can be adjusted to the right level. WCA cannot be held accountable for any injuries or ailments occurring in or after class or as a direct result of training. If any discomfort arises after training, other than aching muscles, contact doctor immediately.

Kickboxing and Grappling

Sparring is an optional part of kickboxing, and grappling classes. All safety measures are taken by instructors and risk is on the part of the student, who accepts the increased risk of injury due to the nature of the activity.

All instructors are fully insured.


– Bow when entering and exiting the training hall.
– Bow before and after training with a partner
– Kung Fu and Kickboxing students are expected to be in full uniform by the time of their first grading.
– Trainers/outdoor shoes are not permitted in the training areas. Barefoot or WCA approved footwear ONLY.
– Respect your instructors and training partners.
– No food to be eaten during class (unless for medical reasons)

Code of Conduct

WCA pledge to treat all students equally regardless of age, disability, gender, race, ethnic origin, cultural or social background, sexual orientation, religious belief, political affiliation, or any other personal characteristic/feature, and it is expected that students uphold the same respect and treatment of others, students and instructors alike.

WCA maintain the right to exclude students from class who display what the instructor deems as inappropriate behaviour.

Any questions to any of the above please contact Mark Stevenson.