Mark Stevenson

Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Kickboxing Instructor
Founder of White Crane Academy
Haywards Heath

“I am a firm believer that when something has enriched my life to the degree that the martial arts have, I simply have a duty to pass it on.”

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My Ethos

I am a firm believer that when something has enriched my life to the degree that the martial arts have, I simply have a duty to pass it on.

In fact, I remember being about 5 minutes into my first kung fu lesson and thinking “This is amazing, I have to teach as many people as possible!”

I trained incredibly hard, and a lot – up to 20 lessons per week most weeks, plus at home on my own. When I wasn’t sleeping, eating, working or looking after my daughter, I was immersed in White Crane martial arts. (Actually, a lot of my daughter’s childhood was spent training too – which is why I am such a staunch advocate of families training together, and very proud to have so many within the club).

Training helped me in so many ways and my natural instincts to want to teach led me to become an instructor quite early on in my martial arts life, which I did in 2008 after visiting China to train with masters in Beijing.

What I have worked on and discovered over the years – and what I can help people with – is how to integrate traditional martial arts training into your modern day lifestyle, how to become fit and healthy – both mentally and physically, through training in tai chi, kung fu and kickboxing.

Over the years I have seen some incredible results and have been very lucky to spend much of my time among such a great community of students (and their families).

Personally I believe that following a path in martial arts has improved every facet of my life and I am passionate about spreading these benefits for those who would like to learn more and who feel as though they would enjoy training with us.

There is no need to become more dedicated than just popping in to the occasional class to keep up your fitness and learn a few cool techniques – but if you would like to progress further, then these are the ways in which becoming a part of the White Crane Academy / White Crane Online community can help.

Alongside my martial arts journey – as many people do – I became interested in the healing arts as well. This led me to become a certified shiatsu practitioner several years ago. Based on the traditions of Chinese medicine and Japanese massage, my shiatsu practice has grown alongside my White Crane Academy and I now treat clients regularly from the comfort of their own homes or a local treatment centre.

I look forward to hearing from you or meeting you in class!


Mark, double fan
Mark and his staff
Mark, sword form