Chen Classes

About Chen Tai Chi Classes.

Chen is the oldest style of tai chi, originating from Chen Village in China around 400 years ago. You could say that it has stood the test of time.

The movements are very flowing, circular, and relaxing. Regular practice will help greatly with balance, coordination, tension, building stronger body, a calmer mind, increased flexibility and the ability to move more efficiently.

(You can read more about the history and benefits of Chen tai chi in our blog post here.)

In the class we initially warm the body up before working on important aspects of Chen tai chi training, such as basic exercises, silk reeling, stretching, standing or seated meditation, push hands, and qigong.

The sequence taught for a start is the Chen 18 form, once a student has become proficient in this basic form, they will then learn the 74 (Lao Jia Yi Lu), which is the most important form in Chen tai chi. 

Afterwards, there are opportunities to learn more advanced forms, such as Chen 42 (Lao Jia Er Lu), the Chen 56 competition form, as well as weapons forms. 

The classes are for all levels, including beginners. We’re a friendly bunch and understand that it’s often daunting coming along to your first class…. but don’t worry, we were all beginners once and know how it feels, so you will always be met with a welcoming smile.

If you have any injuries or health concerns, please let the instructor know beforehand.

See you in class!