Shibashi Three – Move Names

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application_pdf Shibashi Three

1. Two Hands Hold Up the Heavens
2. Golden Pearl Drops into the Sea
3. Opening the Secret Gate
4. Clouds Circle Mountain
5. Dragons Morning Stretch
6. Dragon Sits on Tail
7. Blooming Lotus Bows to the Earth
8. Crouching Tiger Lifts its Head
9. Serpent Ascends to the Third Eye
10. Connecting the Three Treasures
11. Immortal Points to the Moon
12. Threading Golden Needle
13. Parting Horse’s Mane
14. Flower Hides Under Leaf
15. Wild Goose Glides on Beach
16. Crane Wanders on Pond
17. Circling Qi at Lower Dan Tian
18. Returning to Womb