Shibashi Two

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application_pdf Shibashi Two

1. Regulating the Qi

2. Moving the Qi Along the Microcosmic Orbit

3. Wind Blowing at the Willows

4. Searching for Needles in the Sea

5. Fisherman Casting the Net

6. Immortal Pointing the Way

7. Mischievous Boy Kicking His Legs

8. Holy Crane Worshiping the Moon

9. Yellow Dragon Pushing Out with Claws

10. Pulling the Bow to Shoot the Eagle

11. Twin Dragons Emerging from the Sea

12. Crossing the Wild Blue Ocean

13. Lion Playing with a Ball

14. Embracing the Moon at the Dan Tian

15. Phoenix Spreading its Wings

16. Striking the Opponent’s Ears

17. Circling the Qi Around the Dan Tian

18. Collecting the Qi