Competition Results

Here are the competition results from last Saturday’s Summer Competition and BBQ

Adult Tai Chi:
Gold – Anne McDermid
Silver – Cameron McDermid
Bronze – Ram Chadee

Kids Tai Chi
Gold – Cosima Bentley
Silver – Charley Bentley

Kids Technique Sequences
Gold – Cosima Bentley
Silver – Izzi Toleman
Bronze – Harry Tibble

Gold – Jamie Filce
Silver – Daniel McCourt
Bronze – Louie Toleman

Adult Kung Fu Forms
Gold – Cameron McDermid (White Crane Six Stance Form)
Silver – Mark Tibble (First Drunken Style Form)
Bronze – Ram Chadee (Shaolin Six Stance Form)

Kids Iron Bridge
Gold – Ewen Lawes
Silver – Amelie Ewer
Bronze – Louie Toleman

Adult Low Horse Stance
Gold – Guy Mullins
Silver – Ram Chadee
Bronze – Alex Watson-Jackson

Kids Stance Sequence
Gold – Jamie Filce
Silver – Louie Toleman
Bronze – Eloise Watson-Jackson

Kids Indian Wrestling
Gold – Eloise Watson-Jackson
Silver – Harry Tibble
Bronze – Elena Parasoglou

Gold – Daniel McCourt
Silver – Scarlett Watson-Jackson
Bronze – Hope Watson-Jackson

Adult Indian Wrestling
Gold – Martin Kinsey
Silver – Alex Watson-Jackson
Bronze – Andrew Goddard

Kids Sword Techniques
Gold – Louie Toleman
Silver – Jamie Filce
Bronze – Harry Tibble

Adult Sword Sparring
Gold – Cameron McDermid
Silver – Martin Kinsey
Bronze – Daniel McCourt

Adult Open Hand Sparring
Gold – Cameron McDermid
Silver – Ram Chadee
Bronze – Mark Tibble

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