We might be in virtual isolation or lockdown but training continues!


White Crane Academy Online Training
  • Access two daily pre-recorded lessons, one with a Kung Fu/Kickboxing theme, the other based on Tai Chi/Qigong
  • Access regular ‘live’ online lessons via Skype
  • Join a private WhatsApp group and/or Facebook group to stay in touch with everyone

Payment options

  1. £25 per month
  2. £50 per month for all of the above + 2 hours of Skype one-to-ones with Mark
  3. £70 per month for all of the above + 4 hours of Skype one-to-ones with Mark

Email mark.stevenson@whitecraneacademy.com or call 07834 375776 for more details

Personal Training and One-to-Ones

We are still teaching one-to-one sessions in person (from a distance), as well as Skype one-to-ones, please contact Mark for more details and to book your session

White Crane Online

Tai Chi students at WCA can also subscribe to White Crane Online and for access to a detailed video library of all of the moves that you have learnt so far.

The site also has guided meditations, Qigong routines and forms, stretching tutorials, lots of blog posts.

Much of the material is free. To subscribe and receive your moves it is £5 per month. Please email Mark for more details.

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