Today marks one month since I last taught a lesson looking out at a group of students, rather than my iPad.

It has been an immensely challenging month for many people, I’m in a fortunate position and I have had the chance to reflect on some of the things I have liked about the last month.

No matter what you are going through, there are always some things to be grateful for.

Here’s my list of 31 things I have realised that I am grateful for and have enjoyed in the last month (in no particular order).


  1. Sleeping 8 hours per night
  2. Sitting back and listening to a whole album
  3. Rediscovering music that I haven’t listened to for a long time
  4. Shopping less
  5. Spending less
  6. Cooking
  7. Spending time with Karina
  8. Creating a fairground in the garden, Smith + Western themed dining room, and living room into a cinema for Alex on his 11th birthday
  9. Teaching my students on Skype
  10. Teaching Mandarin to students on Zoom
  11. Trying to come up with new ways to change and come up with a new business model – quickly!
  12. Writing
  13. Getting a new dog
  14. Playing and walking with my dogs
  15. Reading books
  16. Listening to books
  17. Studying Mandarin
  18. Bulldog Hazy Jane IPA
  19. Training more
  20. Persian meels
  21. Creating a training studio in my garage
  22. Spending time at home
  23. Waking up without an alarm
  24. Saying hello to more people on the street
  25. Speaking to people on the phone
  26. Sennheiser over ear headphones
  27. Sunshine
  28. Driving less
  29. Silly music themed Skype kung fu lessons
  30. Meditating more
  31. The community feeling of WCA

One thought on “31 Benefits in 31 Days

  1. And what an astonishingly rapid, excellent and flexible way forward you have created ( – point number11).
    Hats off to you Mark!! Awesome!

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