The morning and evening Skype classes are difficult to teach tai chi in because the group contains some students who have not tried tai chi previously, or are at very different places in the forms, or level of knowledge.

The daily sessions have been great for improving basics and I’ve taught a lot of qigong exercises and new forms but I know there are people who’d like to do some focused tai chi training also.

So to help people to continue improving their moves, keep their training regular, and learn new moves, I have decided to teach small group classes for those who are interested in furthering and focusing their White Crane tai chi practice.

What I propose is that classes are 3-4 people in size and are an hour in length. The students in each class will be around the same level  of tai chi experience (from beginners onwards).

If you are interested, let me know, and I will arrange the groups (or if you’d like to arrange your own group then that’s also okay).

The classes will take place on Zoom, which is better than Skype for this sort of training (don’t worry about the technology, I can talk you through that and it’s very easy).

The classes will be £5 per person and we’ll arrange them in 4 class blocks. You can do the as frequently as you like and at the moment I have time most days.

If you’re interested, email me at and we can start preparing some groups.

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