Latest news – 25th August

It has been a busy month so not too many blog updates recently, I’ve got plenty of things to write about though, so keep an eye out for more blogs coming soon!

The new Horsham class is well underway now and for those who are interested, Hamish will be adding an extra (optional) 30 minutes from 9-9.30pm to focus on Kung Fu forms.

The East Preston Tai Chi course is now full but there is a waiting list in case of anyone dropping out, so if you are still interested please contact me on 07834 375776. Alternatively, there will be another beginners’ course starting in the not too distant future!

A Kung Fu class is getting underway with me (Mark) on 5th September in East Preston, 8-9pm on Thursday evenings. It will be after the Tai Chi class (so please note that the Tai Chi class will now be 7-8pm. If you need any details about Kung Fu then please have a read of the website and/or call me for more info! Really looking forward to getting a full hour Kung Fu class started in East Preston!

The Saturday morning Tai Chi class got off to a good start yesterday morning with some new and old faces (old in terms of years training, not age, honest….!)

And last but not least, LOGO-ROUNDI taught several classes/one on one sessions yesterday in different places and my youngest student was 5, the oldest 102 years old! I am very proud that the club has so much to offer and is so all-inclusive that whether you’re a 5 year old who wants to run around punching and kicking a pad, or elderly and wants to benefit from some very slow, relaxing and gentle Tai Chi type exercises from your chair (or anywhere in between) White Crane Academy has something to offer.

I believe with 100% conviction that martial arts is for everyone to benefit from in some way and personally I found a 97 year age gap between students very humbling, so have a great bank holiday and see you in class next week!


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