Update 27th December…

Hope everyone reading has had a great Christmas.

Now as attention turns to working off all the food and drink over the festive period, here’s a timely reminder of the timetable as of January 2014!

Tuesday mornings: Haywards Heath – Tai Chi 0630 – 0715 (new class starts 7th Jan)

Tuesday evenings: Horsham – Kung Fu  8-9pm

Wednesday evenings: Haywards Heath – Tai Chi 7-8pm / Kung Fu 8-9pm

Thursday evenings: East Preston – Tai Chi 7-8pm

Saturday mornings: Haywards Heath – Tai Chi 10-11 / Family Kung Fu (adults and kids) 11-12 (new class starting 25th Jan)

Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mark on 07834 375776. For Horsham enquiries please contact Hamish on 07794 253735.

See you in class.


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