What is new for 2014?

The evolution and growth of WCA continues and now 2014 is upon us, there are a few new and exciting additions  to the timetable and calendar of events.


We’ll now be teaching an early morning Tai Chi class, for all those early birds who like to get their training done first thing. It will be held in Haywards Heath on Tuesday mornings from half past six until quarter past seven in the morning.

The second exciting addition is the Family Kung Fu class that is starting on the 25th January and will run every Saturday morning from 11-12. The class will be mixed adults and children and if an image of Kung Fu Panda doesn’t get the kids excited about this class, then I don’t know what will!

kung fu panda

As well as these classes there are opportunities for all students to attend several Masterclasses, which will run on Saturdays. This year basic weapons will be explored with another Staff Masterclass (for beginners and improvers) as well as a Chinese Fencing Masterclass later in the year. The popular Kettlebell Masterclass is back and I will be announcing details of the summer training camp shortly.

So lots to look forward to and hopefully, like me, you can’t wait to get your teeth into 2014!

See you in class,



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